Strong governance provides the framework for effective delivery of our strategy, the creation of value for our stakeholders and the ongoing development of our sustainable business. Our approach to good governance is an integral part of our culture, guiding us all on how we do business. 

Upholding the highest standards of transparency and corporate responsibility is for the benefit of all our stakeholders – customers, communities, our people, shareholders, suppliers, and investors. 



Our objectives:


Quality Services and Satisfied Customers 

Aim to exceed expectations and to actively engage with our customers, clients and other stakeholders to build good relationships with them, and to continuously improve our services. 

Responsible Supply Chain

Enable sustainable supply chain decisions, practice and partnerships which embrace responsible business, human rights, equal opportunities, community benefits and positive social and environmental values.

Good Governance Enabling Investment, Innovation and Sustainable Growth 

Manage Viridor as a sustainable and successful business with transparency, respect and integrity for the benefit of our customers, employees, local communities and other stakeholders. 

Continue to invest in vital infrastructure and innovation for strong performance and sustainable growth.