Electrical (WEEE) recycling

Waste electrical & electronic equipment (WEEE)

WEEE is waste electrical and electronic equipment. It is end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment and covers almost everything with a plug or battery.

Nearly one million tonnes of WEEE is discarded in the UK each year

We manage our own facilities, which recover 90% of the inputs they process ready to go back into manufacture and manage the sale of these materials through our in-house trading arm, Viridor Resource Management

All organisations in the UK have the legal responsibility to ensure that any WEEE that they manufacture, use or distribute, are disposed of without harming the environment. The complex componentry of electrical and electronic products can make recycling waste electronic and electrical equipment WEEE extremely challenging.

To meet this challenge, we have invested in state-of-the-art facilities in Scotland and the North West. These plants treat all types of WEEE including TVs, fridges, computers and all other domestic appliances. This equipment should never end up in landfill. Untreated the materials can be harmful and when correctly recycled they can be very valuable.

WEEE Recycling Collections

We are constantly looking at ways to help our customers increase their recycling rates through investing in the latest recycling technologies, meeting our customer’s needs while making sure they receive an efficient solution for their waste collection and electrical WEEE recycling.

By using a single supplier, you can feel assured that compliance and traceability is never an issue, giving you peace of mind that all of your waste and recycling is managed appropriately.

Giving new life to your unwanted electricals

Our WEEE processing lines work like factories in reverse. Products that cannot be simply repaired and reused are processed by a combination of smart technology and smart people.

We collect WEEE from household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) and other approved locations, and accept deliveries via various road haulage contractors. We also work in partnership with companies and councils as trade waste customers for their own WEEE.

Each site operates under the highest quality, environmental, energy efficiency, and health and safety standards – certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 respectively.

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