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Trading Plastics

Plastics are made from the Earth's precious resources, offering amazing properties which support our modern living and the needs of the future. However, plastics do not easily decompose so by ensuring that we dispose of these materials through the correct route, this means that we can give these precious resources a new life and support the circular economy. 

The recycling commodities market has always been international and while we are committed to supporting UK and European processing where possible, we recognise the need for these commodities further afield.

By sorting plastic in to single polymer grades and removing contamination, we can ensure tight regulations on exports are met no matter the commodity destination. Our dedicated quality, compliance and documentation teams, work continuously to ensure all regulations are met and that all customers meet our standards in operations and corporate responsibility.

VRM trades in the region of 120kt per year of baled plastics. These are formed from a variety of grades mainly from post-consumer collections but we do continue to have some post-industrial films and hard plastic grades. Our main volumes come in the form of bottles, pots, tubs and trays collected from the householder. We sort these materials by polymer and colour to offer excellent quality feedstocks suitable for product specific processing. Grades include PET Clear, PET Colour, HDPE Natural, HDPE Colour, PP and PS.

Our post-industrial streams are mainly in the form of LDPE/HDPE/PP films which are sorted into grades such as 98/02, 95/05 and Colour.

Viridor in the recycled plastic market

We operate a network of Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs) across the UK that sell recycled materials. These MRFs process comingled materials, primarily from local councils; using advanced technology to separate it into high quality individual material streams.

Many of our MRFs have the ability to sort some of the plastics on the first pass and what they cannot handle is sorted at our Plastic Recycling Facility (PRF). Our PRF is dedicated to sorting 85ktpa of mixed plastics for the Viridor group and further afield.

Our award-winning plastic recycling facility in Rochester, Kent, is one of the most sophisticated of its kind in the UK. The facility separates plastics by polymer type including: PET, HDPE and PP.

In addition, our Polymer Recycling Facility in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, segregates and processes the material further to produce HDPE compounds and PET flakes. These polymer grades are of the highest quality and can be directly substituted for virgin material in the manufacturing of many new plastic products and packaging.

We have exported recycled baled plastic for over 10 years. We value the manufacturers and Brand Owners we supply.

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