Plastics Streams

Viridor’s Plastic Recycling Facility (PRF) in Kent produces over 40k tonnes of high quality recycled plastics every year, offering a number of key plastic types to the market.

Manufacturers that use recycled plastics in their products highlight their environmental credentials, improving their own brand image.

PET Jazz – PET mixed colour with high proportion PET clear removed  

HDPE Jazz – Mixed colour HDPE with high proportion natural HDPE removed

PP – Mixed colour polypropylene from post-consumer collections   95/05 – LDPE 95% natural and 5% labels, print and coloured LDPE

HDPE natural bottles

  PET Clear – PET Clear bottles

  • PET 80/20 – Full mixed PET with an average 80% natural and 20% mixed colour
  • HDPE 80/20 – Full mixed colour HDPE. 80% natural and 20% colour
  • 98/02 – LDPE 98% natural and 2% labels, print and coloured LDPE
  • LDPE Jazz – Full mixed LDPE with high proportion natural removed
  • Construction Film – Mixed films from construction industry
  • MRF Film – Mixed films from carrier bags and LDPE

Note: This is not the full list of plastic grades available from Viridor and the above product descriptions do not constitute a specification.