Avonmouth RRC

Avonmouth Resource Recovery Centre (RRC)

Viridor’s Avonmouth Resource Recovery Centre comprises an energy recovery facility (ERF) and plastics recycling and reprocessing plant. Construction of the £252m centre began in summer 2017.

Viridor forecasts that the Avonmouth Energy Recovery Facility will generate an estimated 307GWh per year, which is enough energy to power the equivalent of 84,000 households.

The ERF will use approximately 25GWh per year of the available energy. The Avonmouth Plastics Recycling and Reprocessing Plant will have an estimated usage of 70GWh to 105GWh, depending on its processing requirements. This would leave 177GWh to 212GWh available to supply the National Grid network.


Any vacancies for Avonmouth RRC can be found on on the careers site.

307 GWh
Energy produced
320000 + Tonnes
Materials processed
84000 + Homes
Equivalent powered

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